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This cool video reveals more secrets of making massive money trading. It shows you things that have never been shown before. This unique information will change the way you think about trading!


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Great video! Thank you Courtney! You have a millionaire mind:)

Hi Courtney

Where to subscribe the wallstreet wealthbuilder

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    Here it is:

Maybe it’s in another video I haven’t discovered, is there easy way to program those graphs? Right now I’m entering the market with about $100, not in position to invest anything further. Attended first MMI but no way to committ to the June class or Millionaire stock trading course at this time, perhaps in future. What advice would you give?

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    There is nothing on this site to tell you how to setup the charts. But send me an email and I’ll connect you with someone who can help.

Thank you so much Courtney for the video series! I’m starting to understand investing in stocks in a way I never have before.

Hi Courtney, thanks for the fantastic information! I’m looking forward to the next video. I have signed up for your Peaks Trader seminar in Orlando in June. I cant wait!

WOW exciting

Enjoyed it

Excellent information

great video…thanks

Those are things I would never even think about ever

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good video. better explanation. thanks

Great Information…Can’t wait till June in LA for your course….

I reviewed my portfolio using the techniques from the first video, and it was quite revealing. Some of them had made me nervous; now I know why. Some I was nervous about were decent; that removed uncertainty. Some I liked should have made me nervous; so much for emotional trading!

Question: With 50/20 channel breakout I found one that has reached it’s 20 day low at the twentieth day. By the rules that is a sell anyway, even though it’s right on the cusp and I can always buy back when the charts reveal the upswing. So the correct application of the technique is to sell it because it fits the 20-day model?

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    Yes, those are the rules.

absolute believer in stop loss

great seminar

can someone give me details re the orlando conference – thanks.

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    You need to contact for more information!
    Tell them Courtney sent you!


Thank you Courtney for this eye opening information! I can hardly wait to see you and learn more from you at the Trading Intensive Seminar in Orlando, FL. Thanks!

Great content here, Courtney. I’m all signed up to see you this June in Orlando. Can’t wait.